Wheels & Trailer Jacks

Enhancing Trailer Stability

Support wheels and trailer jacks are essential components of trailers and caravans, providing stability, maneuverability, and safety during transportation and storage. Let's explore the various types and applications of these indispensable accessories. 

Trailer Jacks: Elevating Trailer Maintenance 
Understanding Trailer Jacks

Trailer jacks, also known as tongue jacks or hitch jacks, are mechanical devices used to lift and support the front end of trailers and caravans. They facilitate hitching and unhitching trailers from vehicles and provide stability when the trailer is stationary. 

Types of Trailer Jacks 
Jack Stand: 

A stationary support device placed under the trailer frame to provide stability and prevent tipping. Jack Stand for Car: Specifically designed to support trailers attached to cars, ensuring secure positioning and easy coupling. 

Jack Pads for Caravan: 

Protective pads placed under the jack stand to distribute weight and prevent damage to the caravan frame. Jacks for Caravans: Heavy-duty jacks designed to support the weight of caravans during leveling and stabilizing procedures. 

Stands for Caravans:

 Adjustable stands used to level and stabilize caravans on uneven terrain, enhancing comfort and safety for occupants. Support Wheels: Enhancing Trailer Maneuverability Utility of Support Wheels Support wheels, also known as jockey wheels or trailer support wheels, are mounted near the trailer coupling to facilitate maneuvering and positioning. They can be swiveled and retracted when not in use, providing convenience and versatility. 

Types of Support Wheels 

Rubber Wheel:

Durable rubber wheels designed for smooth rolling and minimal noise during trailer movement. Jockey Wheel: A retractable wheel attached to the trailer coupling, allowing for easy maneuvering by hand. Trailer Support Wheel: Fixed wheel mounted to the trailer frame, providing stability during stationary periods and aiding in hitching and unhitching procedures. Enhancing Trailer Security Trailer Security Set A trailer security set includes various components such as wheel chocks, clamps, and security locks designed to prevent unauthorized movement and theft of trailers and caravans. These security measures provide peace of mind for trailer owners and safeguard valuable assets.


Support wheels and trailer jacks are indispensable accessories for trailers, caravans, and recreational vehicles, enhancing stability, maneuverability, and security during transportation and storage. Whether you're towing a camper, transporting goods, or embarking on a road trip, investing in quality support wheels and trailer jacks ensures safe and hassle-free travel experiences. Explore our range of support wheels, trailer jacks, and security sets to elevate your trailer setup today!