DIY i Majsterkowanie

The focus of our DIY category is all that you can do yourself and your handicraft works. For why should one always buy a new item? You can produce or repair yourself things just as well. Doing something yourself is a totally different experience than buying it ready-made. Whether it be seams that you weld yourself, windows that you install yourself, or honey that is provided by your own garden, all this is something very special – which is DIY at its best. The DIY concept, being the abbreviation of “do it yourself,” stands for a multitude of home-made items. To do justice to this abundance of facets, our DIY assortment not only offers different shop devices and building materials, but also corresponding soldering and welding equipment as well as airbrush and three-dimensional printing accessories. Yet, home-made not being limited to these aspects, but being even more extensive, our DIY section offers a choice of fruit presses with that you will be able to produce your own juice. Furthermore, we have beekeeping items that allow you to harvest your own honey. Moreover, we also include the sections Renewable Energies and Water Treatment among our DIY category.