Dom i mieszkanie

The Home & Living category is the place to go par excellence if you wish to create a cosy home. For Home & Living offers you a large number of products that allow you to find the equipment that suits your own project. To do so, we cover for example the sub-categories Living-room, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom, and Hall. Our Home & Living assortment not only comprises these different rooms, but also is very versatile in its product types, going from toilets to fireplaces. After all, furniture is legion, and so is the style and sense of it, which makes it advantageous to offer a large choice of products. This is why our Home & Living assortment contains a broad spectrum of living styles, going from puristic-plain to romantic-kittenish. If the arrangement of your house needs a little bit of a change of scene, it does not necessarily mean that you have to renovate the whole of it. Sometimes, it is enough to replace certain components in order to give a room a new effect. For example, the design and atmosphere of your bathroom could be completely different after installing a new washbasin. Our Home & Living assortment provides an appropriate choice of products. If you add a new paint – voila! A room as good as new which has quite a fresh impression.