Naturewater 10Inch - 254mm 0.9µ Aluminium Water Filter NW-DA101


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Item no.: 50848
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• 1/2" (26,16mm)
• 0,9µ Ceramic filter
Naturewater NW-DA101 10 inches - 254mm 0,9µ Aluminium Water Filter

This water filter system contains a 0,9µ Micro Filter (Article 50833) that retains the smallest contaminants and bacteria.

The practical Aluminium filter housing of the water filter can be cleaned easily with a brush.

The water filter can be used for water pipes in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. It can be easily connected. Assembly and handling of the water filter are uncomplicated and do not require any special expertise.

The unit has no RO- Membrane (reverse osmosis) and also no ion exchangers.
This means that the natural mineral content (which is essential) remains largely intact and the water hardness is influenced only in a small degree.

Sediment filtration 5µ
Sediment particles like sand, algae and rust are removed

Filtration of toxic substances
With the help of a filter cartridge made of pressed activated carbon you can remove a large part of the toxins from the water e.g. ozone, pesticide, rust, calcium carbonate particles, chlorine.
The values for heavy metal concentration like lead, copper etc. are extremely reduced. In addition the activated carbon decolourises the water, if there are yellow or brown turbidities.
Furthermore the activated carbon removes odours.

Toxins filtration
By means of filter cartrige made of granular activated carbon which filters once more existing toxic remains.

Ultrafilter membrane
It filters all particles > 0,22 Micron ( 0,000 22 mm) in the water.
This stage removes again remaining germs, protozoa, algae, spore etc. (In normal store difficult to find but used in the industry for the purification of mineral water. Ultrafilter are also used for drinking water purification in disaster areas, for instance by THW).

PI activated carbon filter "Gourmet
It made of high-quality granular coconut activated carbon with large surface. This filter removes unpleasant smelling and tasting substances, leaving a pure refreshing water..

The individual filter stages are equipped with locking caps or / and shrink-wrapped.

Because of this the product has no best-before date(the expiry date). Correspondingly you can store this product without loss of quality.
Filterart: Keramikfilter
Gehäusegröße / passend für: 10" (254 mm) / Ø 62mm