Sport & Leisure

Our Sport & Leisure category directly covers two aspects that complements one another in a perfect way. On the one hand, there is the vast Sport field. As sports are legion, the assortment offered is very broad. Whether it be boxing, strength training, or yogaing, those who do sporting activities will find something within Sport & Leisure. Doing sports is a wonderful manner of maintaining or strengthening your own fitness whilst thwarting backache and malposition. At the same time, doing sports helps you to pass a good me-time, which undoubtedly has a positive effect to your mental health. As sport is much more than a hobby, but makes an important contribution to our general condition, we offer a wide-ranging choice of equipment for the different sports within our Sport & Leisure category. As its name reveals, this category also covers the leisure time, proposing among other things different products around camping. So, who, after a day full of stand-up paddling, wishes to pass the night in the open, can equip himself or herself with the appropriate accessories. Whether it be tents, camping mats, pieces of camping furniture or camping kitchens, you will certainly find the right thing within Sport & Leisure. Furthermore, this section comprises items around bicycles in order to offer a large choice, going from bicycle trailers to bicycles saddles.