Spare Parts

Spare parts allow you to give your product a longer service time. Instead of getting rid of the entire item in case of a defective component, the individual part is replaced. To make for the practicability of these replacements with the different products we offer, our Spare Parts category is very extensive. Yet, besides components that are defective or broken and thus need to be replaced, there are also parts designed to be replaced after a certain time of use. These are for example filter inserts such as activated carbon or sediment filters that must be exchanged on a regular basis. This applies as well to consumable articles such as pulp bags for fruit presses needing to be replaced for hygienic reasons. However, it is not necessarily annoying to be able to replace an individual component of a product. In fact, spare parts allow you to adapt the main product to your individual needs, so that it corresponds even better to what you require. For example, our Spare Parts category comprises accessories for airbrush guns; a larger spray nozzle can contribute to optimising your device. Here are two other examples: Thanks to a spare part, a garden pump can be connected to a larger hose, or a lawn mower can work better on your lawn if you install a more powerful engine. For this reason, spare parts not only are a resource-sparing option to handle devices and products, but also help you to optimise products by adapting them to your individual needs.