Engine Hoists & Transmission Jacks

Engine Hoists & Transmission Jacks

Essential Tools for Automotive Maintenance

In the world of automotive maintenance, engine hoists and transmission jacks play pivotal roles in lifting, supporting, and maneuvering heavy components with precision and safety. Let's delve into the details of these indispensable tools and their significance in automotive repair and maintenance.

Engine Hoists: Lifting Power for Engine Removal
What is an Engine Hoist?

An engine hoist, also known as an engine crane or cherry picker, is a mechanical device designed to lift and remove engines from vehicles. It consists of a sturdy frame, a hydraulic cylinder, and adjustable arms or hooks for securely holding the engine during removal and installation.

Engine Hoist for Sale: Finding the Right

Fit When searching for an engine hoist for sale, it's essential to consider factors such as lifting capacity, reach, and portability. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, investing in a high-quality engine hoist ensures safe and efficient engine removal operations. 

Transmission Jacks: Precision Support for Gearbox Work 
Understanding Transmission Jacks

Transmission jacks are specialized tools used to support and maneuver vehicle transmissions during repair and replacement procedures. They feature adjustable height and tilt capabilities, allowing technicians to position transmissions accurately for installation and removal. 

Hydraulic Gearbox Jacks: Power and Precision Combined 

Hydraulic gearbox jacks utilize hydraulic pressure to lift and lower heavy transmissions with ease and precision. Their sturdy construction and adjustable features make them indispensable tools for automotive workshops and garages. 

Applications of Engine Hoists & Transmission Jacks
Engine Removal and Installation 

Engine hoists are essential for removing and installing engines during major repair and overhaul projects. They provide the necessary lifting power and stability to safely handle engines of various sizes and weights. 

Transmission Maintenance and Repair

Transmission jacks play a crucial role in supporting transmissions during maintenance tasks such as clutch replacements, gearbox repairs, and differential servicing. Their adjustable features and precision control ensure accurate positioning and safe handling of transmission components. 

Engine Mounting Support and Rotating Mounting Plates 
Engine Mounting Support 

Engine mounting support devices provide additional stability and security when maneuvering engines with an engine hoist. They prevent engines from shifting or tilting during lifting and installation procedures, ensuring precise alignment and positioning. 

Rotating Mounting Plates 

Rotating mounting plates are versatile accessories that attach to engine hoists, allowing technicians to rotate engines and transmissions for optimal positioning and alignment. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and reduces the risk of damage to delicate components. 


Engine hoists and transmission jacks are indispensable tools in the automotive industry, providing the lifting power, precision support, and maneuverability required for engine and transmission maintenance and repair. Whether you're tackling a major engine overhaul or performing routine transmission servicing, investing in quality engine hoists and transmission jacks ensures safety, efficiency, and professional results in your automotive workshop or garage. Explore our range of engine hoists, transmission jacks, and accessories to elevate your automotive maintenance capabilities today.