Chassis Stands

Chassis Stands

Stable Support for Any Task

Chassis stands are indispensable helpers in workshops, garages, construction sites, and even in the home garden. They provide safe and stable support for a wide range of activities, from vehicle maintenance to craft projects like sawing or wallpapering. In this guide, you will learn all about chassis stands, their areas of application, selecting the right model, and how they are used.

Wide Range of Chassis Stands

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of chassis stands, specifically designed to meet a wide array of needs and requirements. From individual chassis stands to practical pairs, we offer solutions characterized by ease of use and efficiency. Whether it's an adjustable chassis stand, jack stands, folding trestle, car chassis stand, metal stands, or wooden chassis stand - our products are not only versatile and reliable but also built to last. Discover our assortment and find the perfect solution that meets your requirements.

Individual Chassis Stands and Pairs

Whether you need a single chassis stand for small repair tasks or a pair for more extensive projects, you'll find the right option with us. Our chassis stands are designed to provide reliable stability in any environment.

Combo Sets with Car Jack

For those looking for a comprehensive solution for lifting and supporting vehicles, our combo sets with a car jack and chassis stands offer a practical and economical choice. These sets are especially useful for car repairs and maintenance, as they contain everything needed to safely lift and support your vehicle.

Models for Every Load

Our jack stands cover a wide spectrum of load capacities, from light 200 kg to an impressive 6000 kg. This ensures that you find the right chassis stand for any task – from light craftwork to heavy industrial applications. Each model is carefully constructed to provide optimal performance and maximum safety, regardless of the size or weight of the load.

With our wide offering of chassis stands and combo sets, we ensure that you always have the right support for your projects and tasks at hand. Our products are not only versatile and reliable but also built to last. Discover our range and find the perfect solution that meets your requirements.

Our Diverse Product Selection

2-piece Set Scaffold Stand

This set offers stable and secure working support with a high load capacity per stand. Thanks to the multi-level height adjustment, you can precisely tailor the working surface to your needs. After use, the stands can be folded up for space-saving storage.

Height-Adjustable Chassis Stands

Perfect for challenging projects in the garage, workshop, and on the construction site. These chassis stands are height-adjustable and offer a stable construction with a high load capacity. Precise adjustment of the mounting height facilitates many tasks.

Set of Car Jack and 2 Chassis Stands

An ideal set for vehicle maintenance. The car jack with high lifting power allows for easy lifting, while the foldable chassis stands provide a comfortable working height. Made of sturdy steel, these are ideal for any workshop.

2-piece Set Folding Trestle

Flexible helpers for wallpapering, sawing, and gardening tasks. These foldable work stands are characterized by their high load capacity and robust construction made of powder-coated steel. Not only are they extremely durable, but also flexible in use and quick to set up and dismantle, making them an indispensable tool for a variety of projects.

Questions about Choosing and Using Chassis Stands

What is a Chassis Stand?

A chassis stand is a device that serves as a temporary but secure support to hold loads in an elevated position. They are designed to offer a high load capacity while being lightweight and portable. Typically, they are used in pairs to ensure an even distribution of load.

How Does a Chassis Stand Work?

Chassis stands have a flat surface or a specially shaped mount where the load can be safely placed. Many models are height-adjustable, allowing them to be adapted to various work heights. To adjust the height, security pins or a locking mechanism are usually used. After the work, the stands can generally be folded and stored in a space-saving manner.

Which Chassis Stand Do I Need?

Choosing the right chassis stand depends on several factors, including the load to be supported, the required work height, and the intended area of use. For light tasks in the household or garden, foldable work stands with a load capacity of up to 250 kg per pair are suitable. For heavier loads, such as vehicles, you should opt for models with a higher load capacity, specifically designed for use in workshops or on construction sites.

Where Should a Chassis Stand Be Placed?

Chassis stands should always be placed on a firm and level surface to ensure maximum stability. Ensure that the ground can bear the weight of the load plus the stands themselves without giving way.

Where Do You Place a Chassis Stand?

The positioning of chassis stands depends on the type of load and the specific safety requirements. For vehicles, they should be placed under the designated jacking points, which are usually specified in the vehicle's manual. For other applications, it's important that the load is distributed evenly across the stands to prevent tipping or slipping.

Find the Right Chassis Stands with Us

Chassis stands are an indispensable tool for a variety of tasks requiring stable and secure support. From vehicle maintenance to construction work and DIY projects, they offer the necessary stability and flexibility. When selecting the right chassis stand, consider factors such as load capacity, adjustability, material, and construction to ensure they meet your needs. Our extensive selection of chassis stands, from simple foldable models to heavy-duty versions, ensures that you find the perfect product for every project and requirement.